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Ever scratched your head and picked your brain trying to come up with an original one of a kind gift for that special occasion? .... A gift for someone who has everything?

Birthday? Wedding? Anniversary? Graduation?

Well, now scratch no more...

Miniyou figurines
are the perfect gift that suits any occasion and everyone.

  • These figurines are ideal  to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, graduation, engagement, or wedding.  It's even great for any holiday - Valentine's, Christmas and Mother's & Father's day.

  • Miniyou offers hand crafted personalized figurines made to the image of the intended recipient. Hand made by our trend setting artists and remarkably precise, each figurine is unique...no two figurines are ever alike.

  • Miniyou figurines are gifts that show thought and originality. You can be sure that this is something they've never gotten before.  No two figurines are ever alike.  A Miniyou can be made for everybody !

  • Miniyou's focus is on quality and providing it at the most competitive price.

  • Whatever the occasion, whomever it's for, A Miniyou is the perfect gift they'll surely adore

  • Two pictures is all it takes, one from the front and a side view photo. With the ideal photos, figurines results in 70%-80% resemblance.

  • Figurine sizes range between 6-8 inches tall, depending on the figurine series.  All it takes is about 3-4 weeks to complete.

  • Miniyou figurines can be ordered through our distribution outlets or via e-mail from the site