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Some Frequently Asked Questions  


What are Miniyou figurines made of?


Miniyou figurines are created from high quality polyresin. Polyresin is a special mixture of oxylite and polystone which is also known as alabastrite. Polyresin is a stone-based material, which can be molded as needed. This material is very versatile and can produce great detail, such as hair texture and very fine details. Stronger then ceramic, polyresin has become a material known to figurine aficionado as collector quality material. The body and background is made out of high quality resistant plastic.


What types of photos are required?

Ideally, digital photos saved as JPG or GIF with greater resolution is best. Head shots are preferred with both a frontal shot and a side view shot of the person whose face is being used to produce the figurine. Please note that the look of the figurine is derived from the picture you provide- the clearer and brighter the picture, the more the figurine will resemble you.

What is the typical size of a figurine?

The size of a figurine is varies depending on the design and background but are generally about 6-8 inches tall.

Can I still make a figurine because I have darker skin tone?

Polyresin is so versatile, they can be used to create any tone and colour. You can be of any nationality and still create a unique one of a kind Miniyou figurine. Every individual’s uniqueness is what makes the figurine standout!

How long does it take to make a figurine?

It takes between 3-5 days to make the head portion of the figurine. The body and background are pre-molded to ensure quicker lead times. The two are then assembled and the then prepared for delivery. You can anticipate about 14 days for your figurine to arrive. Remember, these figurines are uniquely handcrafted, thus more time is placed into sculpting the one of a kind figurine.

My figurines doesn't look like me!

Please keep in mind that the figurine is hand made by artists and are not intended to be an exact replica of the person. It is art, just like a cartoon or a caricature.

Do you made figurines of celebrities?

Although the core focus of a Miniyou figurine is to provide people with a differentiating gift that is unique and one of a kind, a Miniyou of celebrities, athletes, and those alike are possible. Please remember that these are cartoon style like and are not intended to be replicas of those people. We do reserve the right to refuse the commissioning of a figurine of those whom we feel may raise legal actions against us.