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For optimal results, you should provide us with two recent digital photos for each person whose figurine is being created.  The pictures should show clear facial features and should have sufficient lighting.  The two photos should be similar to the shots as shown above.


 *       One Frontal View         

 *       One Side View

Good Photos:

*       Minimum size of 1 Megabytes in jpeg format.

*       Be taken at a 90 degree angle

*       Good lighting and clearly showing facial features

*       Your “At Home” look is ideal

Poor Photos:

*       Photos that doesn’t clearly show the facial outline

*       Blurred and dark photos

*       Photos taken from a lower or upper angle

*       Photos that clearly shows excessive application of cosmetics 

Please keep in mind that the look, hair style, and expression of the figurine are derived from the picture you provide, therefore, the clearer and brighter the picture, the closer the figurine will resemble you.  If you are wearing glasses in the photo, then the figurine will also have glasses as well.

Tip - You will probably want to use photos that you think best compliments you the most.